As an entertainment hub, the outdoor living space has been proven to increase the value of a home making for an innovative and lucrative investment.

According to Zillow, homes with outdoor kitchens sell for nearly 30 percent more than expected.  These outdoor features, amenities and design styles made the largest impact on sale price. CNN MoneyAbout.com and Remodeling Magazine support that outdoor kitchens nationally return 100% to 200% of the improvement cost. It is important to note that, with any home improvement, the ROI formula works providing the design and build of a kitchen is proportional to the home value and location.

Outdoor kitchens are something you want to leave to an experienced expert. Outdoor kitchens and BBQ islands can come equip with many storage choices, many grilling accessories and plenty of options for the grill islands exterior. Stone, Composite, Hardie Board, Evolve Stone are just a few examples of great exterior finish options. 

We believe every family in Cincinnati needs an outdoor space they can enjoy to the fullest, and our kitchens are designed with that in mind. We only use the best materials, ensure your kitchen complements the surrounding space, and always protect you with a warranty.


Add value to your Cincinnati home with a custom outdoor kitchen. We are experienced professionals that will guide you through the perfect design for your home. 

With our long-lasting kitchens, hunger will never stand between you and your backyard oasis!

No matter what your imagination pictures, we have the team and expertise to bring your outdoor kitchen ideas to fruition. We’ve helped families build everything from simple grilling stations to full-blown outdoor kitchens with sinks, countertops, and storage space.

Cincinnati Outdoor Kitchen Specialists!

Cincinnati Outdoor Kitchen Builders


Here’s a look at seven benefits of an outdoor kitchen for your home:

1. Increases the Value of the Home
2. Great for Entertaining
3. Expands the Living Space
4. Makes Cooking Easier
5. Convenience
6. Save on Utility Bills
7. Save Money on Eating Out

Cincinnati Outdoor Kitchen Contractors

Homeowners nationwide and locally in Cincinnati, Ohio are transforming their backyards with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are consistently increasing in popularity.  No more entertaining inside your home in the kitchen with everyone crowded around. Enjoy the fresh air and the great outdoors.  

Outdoor spaces can be equipped with components that extend the outdoor season beyond what you thought possible. No wonder they’re so popular!

Outdoor kitchens aren’t one-size-fits-all projects, though. It’s true that they all serve essentially the same purpose.  Grill islands and Outdoor kitchens can be added into any backyard design. They can be added to decks and patios while providing a central gathering place in your backyard, but one of the biggest benefits of outdoor kitchens is that they’re highly customizable to fit your exact needs. But that’s just one of the many outdoor kitchen benefits homeowners have harnessed in growing numbers. 

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