Faq (before you get started)


Due to high demand, we recommend starting the process at least 8-12 months in advance. We know it's a long wait but we promise it's worth it. The most important decision you'll have to make is the contractor you are partnering with. 

What is the difference between a free estimate and a paid consultation?

Deck and Patio consultations are now $150.00. In the past years, we have always offered “Free Estimates” for homeowners. Why the sudden change? An estimate by definition is a rough guess based on experience.  We are more than happy to give you a rough estimate based on experience before we actually set up a time to meet with you on site. Deck designs these days are much more intricate and customized than ever before. There are so many decking brands, colors, railing options, lighting options, custom designs, etc., all taking much more time in the estimating process and can also be a bit overwhelming to a homeowner. We are not here just to sell you a deck, we are here to educate you on how you can maximize your investment and stay with you throughout the process. Our unique approach is what separates us from the rest.

To get exact pricing we will need to actually see the site in person.  Then we work up a design and take time to generate a materials list and get you a materials cost for your project.  All Decked Out only sends out either the owner of the company or an experienced outdoor living professional to your home to discuss your project and will answer any and all questions that you may have.

We are not salesman, we are experts in the industry. Our goal is to educate clients on how to best maximize their investment.  We will help design, give ideas and discuss different material options that will fit your budget and your families needs.  You will be given literature on material options available as needed and give you the pros and cons of the different products.  After your consultation,  a detailed written proposal will be sent to you via email. 

We understand, this is a very large investment to many, so that’s why we want to ensure we take our time at the on site consultation and give our potential clients the attention and customer service they deserve. We do not use pressure sales tactics and we will not follow up to see if you are moving forward. We are confident that you will contact us when you and your family are ready to move forward. We want the homeowner completely comfortable with all the upcoming decisions they will be making for their exciting new project ahead! We feel this will also draw the very serious customers and not ones who are only “shopping prices”.  We simply don’t compete on price.  We are not the most expensive nor the lowest price but we compete on having the best deck built in your neighborhood.  We believe it’s not ethical to advertise that estimates are free then factor the costs into the clients that actually move forward like most other companies do.  We are professionals that charge a small fee that enable us to spend more time with the serious customer’s, who are about to make some huge decisions. After the homeowner decides to proceed forward with their project, the $150.00 will be put towards the cost of the project.

What is included?  

An actual written proposal or your money back!   I know, sounds like common sense,  but I have met with so many clients that have told us that we are the only ones who responded out of several companies that they contacted. Have you ever set up an appointment and had a contractor no show? How about calling off work then meeting with a contractor and  you never hear back again?  Well, that’s what you get for that “free estimate”.  The good news is we don’t operate that way! We respect and value your time as well.

-Our consultation includes (1) site visit to discuss the scope of work, budget, discuss design options if necessary, material options and other needs to create your outdoor oasis.

-A detailed written proposal sent via email with a rough sketch or design concept attached if necessary. Typically you will have  a week or two turnaround to receive this. If it’s a larger project it may take just a bit longer.

-Up to (2) pricing revisions and follow up emails or phone calls as needed.

$150.00 Consultation Fee: We provide services  in the following areas: West Chester, Mason, Liberty Township, Beckett Ridge, Hamilton, Fairfield Township, Fairfield, Lebanon, South Lebanon, Maineville, Morrow, Landen, Monroe, Morrow, Madeira, Mariemont, Oakley, Hyde Park, Amberly Village, Reading, Mt. Lookout, Anderson Township, Turpin Hills, Eastgate, Milford, Loveland, Indian Hill, Sharonville, Kenwood, Springdale, Ludlow, Sycamore, Symmes Township, Blue Ash, Forest Park, Most area's inside the 275 loop in Northern Kentucky. 

Area's outside our service area may result in a higher consultation fee but also get's applied toward any work preformed. 

Can we use our existing framing and install new decking and rails?

Yes, but typically we recommend starting from scratch if going with a high quality low maintaince decking.  We do not recommend a re-deck  if your deck structure is over 3-5 years old. We do not warranty the existing framing and there may be noticeable flaws in your existing structure that may be more noticeable with the new decking.  The framing of a deck is the most important part, so why install high-end decking on framing that will not last as long as you’re new decking and rails when overall the framing is not that much more of an expense. 

How long does it take to get a quote back from you once you take a look at our project?

We like to work on your quotes right away, but certain times of the year can cause us to take longer to get a proposal back to you.  We like to have quotes back to you via email within 1-2 weeks.  With larger project scopes it may take just a bit longer to get material numbers back from our suppliers.

If you are interested in rendering services this may take 1-2 weeks to receive as well. 

Should I talk to my neighbors before planning project?

We do recommend letting your neighbors know of the project in advance.  We apologize in advance because we know they will be getting jealous!  

What else should I think about before planning my project?

Each county has its own regulations and code requirements for such items as decks and other outdoor projects. If your project will be close to a property line or you have a odd shaped lot we recommend contacting the planning and zoning offices for your local jurisdiction or looking online at the codes.  If you belong to an HOA, there may be additional restrictions concerning the style and type of materials used in your project.

Additional Items to consider:

Design, Layout, Traffic flow of the space, Material selections, furniture layout, lighting, sun / shade, along with additional features such as grilling stations, fireplaces etc. 

Do you offer financing?

We have partnered with two great options for our clients to finance their projects. Select the perfect personalized home improvement loan, just for you. We offer Acorn Financing along with Kemba Consumer Resources. 

Kemba Consumer Resources

Kemba Consumer Resources is a lending solution that partners with local retailers to get you the best financing options available. You name the financing need...we have it covered. Our simplified financing approach allows you to easily obtain the product or service you need with the backing of the Kemba name.

Highlights of Kemba Retail Services Financing:

  • Introductory Period with NO Interest*
  • No Back Interest Charges
  • 9.90% APR after Introductory Period*

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Acorn Finance

No matter your credit score, if you want to secure home improvement financing, Acorn Finance will get you pre-qualified loans in seconds to improve your home. Easily sort all the loan offers by what matters to you: interest rate, payment amount, length of the loan term.

It does not impact your credit score when comparing rates between our network of trusted partners. 100% online, customer-friendly process is designed to help you find affordable payment options with lenders that can quickly fund your home improvement plans.

Why All Decked Out?

Homeowners who want more living space outdoors work with us. At All Decked Out, our team of professionals will work with you from concept to creation to completion to deliver to you a personalized, unique outdoor living experience. We will listen to your desires, offer our professional insights, and come up with something wonderful together. We are a premier deck and outdoor living company, but we do so much more. 

It's time to take your first steps in getting started.

Step 1

Please review the FAQ questions above and then complete the project discovery questions (on this form) to ensure we are the right fit for your project. If it’s a project that we can take on our office will contact you to set up a time for you and Joe to meet on site and go over the details. We are not sending out a sales guy to your home, you will be meeting with a true “Deckspert”. 

Step 2

Prior to the consultation we require a $150.00 consultation fee deposit. Consultation fee’s do get applied towards the project shall you want to move forward.  We will discuss your needs, material options, budget, and design. We will also make recommendations on ways to maximize your investment and cost savings idea’s.  We will give you honest opinions and suggestions.  You will receive a very detailed proposal shortly after your consultation.  Typically, we will also prepare rough sketch at this time if deemed necessary.   If a CAD rendering is requested we can also provide this for additional costs.  These typically take 2-3 weeks for a turn around depending on the time of the year. 

Step 3

If upon reviewing the proposal, and would like to proceed with the project then you can contact of office to get on the schedule.  At that time, we will email some documents for you to review and sign. We do not schedule any projects without a signed proposal.  You will also be required to pay the small retainer deposit to secure a spot on our schedule. 

Step 4

Time to sit back and relax...we will start the planning process and will reach out for the next steps. 

Our Proven Success Process 

Plans Review,  HOA Approval, Permits

Rough Sketch will be presented for layout. This item you can send to HOA for approval.

If interested we can also provide a 3D rendering for an additional cost. We will also draw up construction plans using a computer-aided drafting program for the homeowner to see the construction details prior to submitting to the building department. 

Pre-Construction Meeting / Trades Meeting

We will set up a time to meet with you again to go over material selections.  Our project consultant will go over final details with you as well as answer any final questions at this time. If multiple trades are involved we will set up a time to meet with them to gather bids for their scope of the project.  We call this additional meeting a trades meeting. 

Contact Local Utilities

All Decked Out will contact local utility line marking services but the homeowner would be responsible to mark all private lines such as sprinkler system placements, private electrical lines etc. This will be done several days prior to start. 

Delivery of Product

The homeowner will be asked if they have a preference regarding where materials can be dropped when they are delivered. We can not have materials or dumpsters placed in the street without a special permit. We recommend in the driveway off to one side or off the driveway in the grass usually works. Please note: You may get a brown spot in the grass from materials sitting on it for several days but will eventually grow back. 

Project Begins

The exciting part! We design and create beautiful, custom decks that will transform your outdoor living space, enhance your enjoyment, and add value to your home. Your experience is just as important as the finished product. We focus on you from concept to creation! 


Typically, on decks, there are two or three inspections required throughout the building process which may cause the crew working on your deck to wait for a county inspector to come out and complete. This process is completely handled by All Decked Out but it is good to be aware of so you understand the process and you might see a visitor from the county just stop by. Unfortunately they only give us a window of when they will be stopping by and do not give us exact times. Please leave the permit outside for the inspectors to review. If they leave an approval sticker please leave it place. It let’s us know they have been there and we have approval to proceed. 

Communication with your project manager

During the building phase,  your project manager will be able to answer any questions you may have. He will be checking in with our crew leader daily and checking BuilderTrend system daily to strive for  amazing communication throughout your project.  Typically you will see our production manager several times through out your project.  If there is a payment schedule noted on your invoice then we will send you an invoice when we get to the noted point of your project.  

The Final Walk-Through

Upon completion of the project, there will be a final walk-through completed with you and and our lead carpenter of All Decked Out. Once everything looks great and the job is completed with final approval from the building department, we will send you a final invoice to pay the remaining balance.  You may give the project Foreman a check if that’s easiest or request that we send you an online Invoice so you can pay online for your convenience.  We like our Foreman and Project Manager to do the final walk through as these are representatives of All Decked Out and they take pride in their work and have tools on site to make any adjustments if needed.  We also love feedback from our clients. We strive to make everyone happy but the reality is, we are human and can always look to improve our craft. The day we stop learning and striving to get better is the day we are done. Feedback helps us grow and positive feedback keeps us motivated to keep doing what we love to do! 


You stand on it, we stand behind it. We make warranties easy. Need to submit a claim?  If it's due to an install error we have you covered and will address at our earliest convenience. You can request a warranty claim via our BuilderTrend System. If it's not covered under a workmanship error we still want to address any issues you may have but may need to charge a minimal fee to address. Our easy to use form helps us get your issues resolved faster. Our craftmanship is also backed by one of the best industry leading limited warranty. Before scheduling the project we will send you copies of our warranty for you to review and sign. 

Please be aware of any product manufacturer warranties that you may need to registered for as well and will be listed on the BuilderTrend system. Our project manager can send you any requested information or assist in any way needed. Please contact info@alldeckedout513.com for product warranty information. If you have a material issue you will contact them first to start the warranty claim process. In the rare event you need to submit a claim with the manufactures please do not hesitate to reach out if you need assistance.