Love your outdoors! We are committed to using Unilock Pavers due to quality and longevity of the products. Our installers are the best around and are Unilock certified installers. Bristol Valley, Umbraino, Beacon Hill and Artline are some of our most popular options. 

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Reasons Why Unilock is a Brand We Know and Trust:

Lifetime Guarantee: Unilock stands behind its paver stones with a transferable lifetime guarantee.

Low Maintenance: Unlike wood decks that require staining time and time again, Unilock concrete pavers are stain-resistant and require little maintenance. Most Unilock pavers feature Enduracolor Plus, known for its superior wear resistance and color longevity.

Durability: Unilock pavers are up to four times stronger than poured concrete and are ideally constructed even for places like Ohio, which see extreme temperatures on a regular basis.

Beautiful Designs: Choose from a variety of colors and styles to create a professional, unique look for your next paving project. Visit Unilock to get design ideas for your new walkway or patio.