Are permits required for building a deck? How about repairs? How about just adding on to my existing deck?

YES!  A deck building permit is required. There are many inexperienced companies out there that will do anything it takes to avoid pulling a building permit or maybe they just don’t know better.  Either way, this should be a major red flag.  If a contractor is used to doing things correctly they should have no reason not to pull permits on all of their work and also know when and when it’s not required. It’s always more expensive up front to do things properly but in the long run, you will save big time. In the city of Cincinnati, a contractor’s license is required if you are going to hire any company to build your deck. Hamilton County, Butler County, Clermont and Warren Counties do not require a license but permits are needed.


Permits for decks are required for all new construction, major repairs, alterations, and additions, which include structural changes.

Building permits are NOT required for residential decks that meet all of the following criteria:

(1) total floor area of the deck is 200 square feet or less;

(2) the deck is a minimum of six (6) feet away from the home and all other structures

(3) the deck is a minimum of three (3) feet to away from a property line.

(4) the deck is less 30” or less off grade

(5) the deck is free standing

If your contractor is not taking care of the plans and permit process it could be a very costly mistake!

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