We design and create a new kind of beautiful in your backyard. Your experience is just as important as the finished product. We focus on your family and your investment from concept to creation! 


"Low maintenance, higher quality is our specialty."

Our Services:

Custom Low Maintenace Decks, Concrete Patios, Paver Patios, Porches, Outdoor Kitchens, Louvered Roofs, Railings, Outdoor lighting, Deck Inspections, Full backyard Designs, Deck Plans for the DIY'er, 3D rendering services, low maintenance fences, Pool Decks, Pool Houses, Screened in Porches, Pergolas, Pool designing, Project management and General Contracting. 

What we do

We turn backyard's into your kind of beautiful.

All Decked Out is a family-owned and operated small business that specializes in low-maintenance custom decks and outdoor living spaces in the Cincinnati and surrounding area. Our company prides itself on unmatched craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and working closely with you through every step of the design and construction process in order to create an outdoor living space that is custom-tailored to you and your family's needs. We install custom unique decks, stamped concrete patios, paver patios, roof structures, louvered roofs, outdoor kitchens, and much more. 

decking Faq

Does an outdoor living space add value to your home?

Top 10 Outdoor Living Space Features That Boost Home Value

Looking for ways to improve the resale value of your home?  With additions like patios and decks, fire pits and outdoor kitchens, and even swimming pools, you can improve the chances of selling your home for more and (in some cases) quicker. Below are the top ten exterior features that can provide better returns for homeowners!

  • Garage Doors 
  • Front Door
  • Patios
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Decks
  • Fire Pits or a space that would accommodate. 
  • Pergola or Extended Roof Overhang
  • Swimming Pool
  • Professional Landscaping 
  • Outdoor Lighting 


Patios are a sought-after amenity for most homes, making them a valuable addition when trying to sell a home quickly. On average, the cost of building a patio can be as high as $15-$50 sq ft depending on size and materials used. That said, it’s estimated that well-designed patios not only add 8-10% home value, but also earn an ROI of over 80%. Patio options typically include stamped concrete or paver patios. It's worth going with a premium paver or upgrading to a decorative / stamped concrete. Patios designed with a deck, or a roof are very popular as a deck the whole width of the back of your home may look overwhelming. We recommend leaving a good amount of yard space as well for potential future buyers. Even though we recommend tailoring your backyard to your family's needs, resale value is always very important to us. 

Get the best return on your outdoor patio with these tips:

  • DO: Add lighting to enjoy your outdoor living room in the evening and add patio furniture for more comfort.
  • DON’T: Take up too much backyard space. Many families love big backyards and green space, so leave enough space for kids and pets.

Outdoor living is the new standard. Decks have a very high ROI. Most Realtors will tell you that a quality low maintenance deck is a great selling feature.  Decks are highly rated for the return on investment. A deck adds extra living space to your home at a relatively low price compared to building an alternative enclosed area in your home. These days a deck and outdoor living space is the new home addition. 


Do I need a permit to build a deck?

Almost all deck projects require a building permit, but we handle this process for our clients. My advice to anyone considering building a deck is to first check with your HOA to see if there are any limitations and also the local zoning department to find out if you have any setback requirements that may cause you to need a variance.  Even if you are just replacing decking, adding new steps and railings many building departments still require a building permit so it's always best to check to see if it's needed.  Many contractors will tell clients that if they are rebuilding a deck in the exact same location that a building permit is not needed. This is not true. If you are ever in question if a building permit is required, we recommend checking with your local building department. Permits are not usually required typically for minor deck repairs. 


Can we use our existing framing and install new decking and rails?

We do not recommend keeping your old deck framing if your deck structure is over 10 years old. We do not warranty the existing framing and there may be noticeable flaws in your existing structure that may be more noticeable with the new decking. We recommend a 40 point deck inspection prior if going with this option and can offer this as an additional service as well.  All we can do is make recommendations but it is your final decision. The framing of a deck is the most important part, so why install high-end decking on framing that will not last as long as your new decking and rails when overall the framing is not that much more of an expense. For more information:   Click Here

7 Reasons Why Building New is Better than Re-Decking

While re-decking looks excellent on the surface, in practice, we’ve seen it let many homeowners down. Here are seven reasons why building a stunning new deck makes more sense than choosing deck restoration.

  1. Limited Design Options — When you build from the ground up, the sky is the limit. You have nearly unlimited creative possibilities, so you can create something new or fix something you disliked about your previous deck. Whether you want to build a covered porch, a two-story deck, or something equally exciting, the freedom to do what you want is yours. Deck designs have only gotten more ambitious and exciting, and your new project can be on the cutting edge. 
  2. Fewer Savings than You Think — The prospect of saving money is the big reason that re-decking has such an appeal, but once again, it sounds better than it is. When you go with a deck restoration, you don’t have to pay for the frame, only the deck boards. Here’s the thing though: framing is the cheapest part of the deck project. Deck restoration only saves the frame, which doesn’t provide you with enough savings to make it worthwhile. We compare re-decking to repainting a broken-down 1994 Ford Truck because it has new tires.
  3. Holes in Your Warranty — At All Decked Out, we stand behind our work with a great warranty, and most reputable deck companies do the same. However, contractors can only stand behind their work, so if you choose re-decking, you’ll likely ONLY get a warranty to cover the new deck boards, not you're deck framing. If you build fresh, you get a full-coverage warranty.
  4. Old Structure Can’t Always Go Composite — When you keep a 15 to 20-year-old deck structure, you get 15 to 20 years of performance. Depending on joist placement, some older deck foundations can’t properly support low-maintenance, ultra-popular composite decking. So if you choose re-decking, you may end up stuck with outdated wood deck boards. Learn more about composite vs. wooden decks.
  5. No Outdoor KitchensOutdoor kitchens are one of the hottest additions to any outdoor living space. People love cooking gourmet meals in a full kitchen on their deck or porch. When you build a new area, you can center it around your custom outdoor kitchen. Unfortunately, re-decking a 15 or 20-year-old structure won’t give you the strength to incorporate a proper outdoor kitchen. 
  6. Your Deck May Not Meet Building Codes — Another result of placing a fresh set of boards on an antique frame, your restored deck may not meet building codes for your area. If there have been significant changes to the regulations in your area, your decade-old deck won’t be legal. This can prove to be expensive and inconvenient — we’ve seen it too many times to be able to recommend re-decking.
  7. It’ll Look Exactly the Same — This reason might not be quite as practical, but this is the main reason why re-decking tends to disappoint. Even though deck restoration is slightly cheaper, it’s still a significant investment. There’s nothing more disappointing than investing thousands of dollars and having the same outdated deck, just a little better. When you revolutionize your outdoor space with a brand-new showpiece deck, jaws will drop. Most of your guests probably won’t even notice when you go with re-decking.

Is there a perfect decking product out there?

There are pros and cons to every product. We can go over the pros and cons but highly recommend weighing all of your options. Decking has evolved just like technology. Typically the new lines of decking tend to be the better performing or better color options.  PVC decking tends to be the best for keeping cool to the feet especially near pool areas but does tend to contract and expand quite a bit more. The capped composites tend to be hotter to the feet, but gives a more natural wood look. The best on the market is Deckorators Voyage decking. It's a mineral based composite and is a different technology that separates it from all others with amazing benefits.

Can we design your deck and outdoor space?

Absolutely. We prefer this!  Our best designs to date have been bouncing ideas back and forth with our clients to get feedback and come up with something really usable and unique.  We have a lot of experience with creating the perfect design for your family. We work with the building departments on a daily basis and are very qualified to generate plans for your project. We study the codes of our industry and have some national award winning designs.

Composite Vs. Wood Decking?

Even though wood decking is cheaper, we have built and serviced enough decks over the years to know that in most cases the extra money spent on composite decking is well worth the saved maintenance, work, and long-term aesthetics and durability. Wood is costly in the long term due to the constant maintenance it requires and is not worth the investment unless you're getting your home on the market and need to sell your home with a deck. 

However, we also know every situation is unique, and our team is dedicated to listening to your goals and ideas in creating your dream outdoor space.


Deck Builders in Cincinnati, OH

We specialize in building creative and custom low maintenance decks, patios, roofs and many other outdoor services to residents throughout Cincinnati, OH. Our builders are highly recruited, trained and have the skills and experience necessary to build decks that are one of a kind and unmatched quality. We understand that a deck is a large investment, and we take your project serious.  The planning process takes time and excellent communication is what you'll get from All Decked Out.  If you’re interested in having a new deck built, or if you need repairs done to your existing deck, contact us today.

Cincinnati Complete Outdoor Living Specialists

Custom Decks

We design and build every project to be suited for your family’s enjoyment and a personal masterpiece.  We use our extraordinary, experience, vision, talent, communication and expertise to create projects that reward our clients with a life-changing outdoor experience.  We are not in business just to build a deck, we are in business to build you the best deck around!

paver patios

From traditional shapes and textures to the most advanced technology and unique styles, the choices available in our paver collection are unrivaled in the industry. Whether you're dreaming of an intimate patio, a practical driveway or a luxurious outdoor living space

stamped concrete

Patios made of stamped concrete are created in much the same ways as regular poured concrete patios, but the our installers put some artwork into it to make it one of a kind. After the concrete is poured we apply a high quality sealer to really make the colors stand out.  The result is a natural-looking, custom patio. Stamped concrete is a non-perfect, perfectly crafted work of art to try to mimic the look of natural stone. 

louvered roofs

All Decked Out is your tri-state local dealer and installer for LouveRoof systems.   LouveRoof LLC Serving Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We offer four different configurations: full sun, indirect sun, directional sun, and closed. You can change the setting at any time to allow more warmth on cool days, offering the same benefits as a regular open roof.  You can also adjust to indirect and keep the rays at bay when it’s hot. With the closed setting, you’re safe from rain, turning your open cover into a roof that will keep you dry.

roofs & pergolas

Roof structures are a great addition to any outdoor living space. Roofs can help you enjoy quiet time with your family or invite others over for that special occasion no matter what mother nature brings. Installing a roof over your new deck can offer much-needed shade, show charm, and complement a great deck or a patio. This becomes the extension of your style, personality, and your home. Roof structures are the first thing that passers-by and visitors see. The proper roof design for your home is a very important decision.

Outdoor Kitchens

A top benefit of having an outdoor kitchen is that they’re perfect spaces for entertaining. When food is grilled out on the patio, guests can gather around the BBQ grill and socialize as dinner is being prepared. It might get crowded in an indoor kitchen when everyone hangs out with the cook, but outside there’s much more space. You can increase the comfort for your party guests by adding patio heaters, outdoor furnishings, strings of lights, and some mood music.  An outdoor kitchen is an investment you can use and enjoy for many years to come. 


why we do it

Creativity & Passion

There is a lot of work that goes into every project. There are many techniques we use to ensure the longevity of our projects. We design and build each and every project to be a personal masterpiece for our clients.  Where art and engineering meet, we combine skill and recruited craftsmanship with hard-working dedication to give your project the attention and care it deserves.  When you hire us your getting true skilled craftsman with years of experience using our proven techniques. Our skilled carpenters have extraordinary passion, talent and expertise to create a new kind of beautiful. 

We are committed to Innovation. 

We are constantly working to provide our clients with the latest and best available decking products, accessories, unique designs, and unmatched quality to stay ahead of the curve in the decking industry. We always get value from attending tradeshows and networking with some of the nations best deck builders. 

Deck by All Decked Out in Cincinnati, OH

All Decked Out 513, LLC                                                                          Cincinnati, Ohio 

                           WHAT OUR HAPPY CLIENTS SAY

Highly recommend!!!

" They replaced two decks for us. Very happy with their craftsmanship and  professionalism. They we’re very responsive. Highly recommend!!!"

Bill G. 


Professional and Courteous

" We are so happy with the work performed by All Decked Out. All work was performed how it was explained and was completed on time. We have a lot of traffic flow at our site, and the work performed has helped expedite the  issues we were having. Every employee on site that day were professional  and courteous. If we need any more work done, All Decked Out will be  who we call!"

Bob R.


It looks amazing!

" Just had All Decked Out install a new deck. It looks amazing! The crew who built our deck was courteous and professional. They did the work with  integrity and a great sense of pride. The owner, Joe, was very helpful and  easy to work with when it came to design our deck. I highly recommend  All Decked Out."

David B.


Top Rated Deck Builders in Cincinnati, OH

Deck Contractors You Can Trust with Competitive Prices & Excellent Communication, Supreme Craftmanship. 

We use our photos of our own work for our advertisement, not stock photos of other people's work like many of our competitors.  

We highly recommend doing your own research and then giving us a call.

Deck Installation by All Decked Out

Project Costs

Projects cost vary quite a bit. Articles from the leading manufactures on We are here to help design a space that fits your budget. Once you reach out to us our office will do our best to give you an idea of costs for budgeting purposes prior to even meeting with our design consultant.  We do projects ranging from 3k-10k for repair type projects up to 25k-250k complete outdoor living projects. Every project is treated with just as much importance and attention. Typically, we recommend having us start planning your project 2-4 months prior to your build. There is a lot of detail and planning that goes into every project. 

Composite Deck

Composite Deck by All Decked Out

A basic design deck w/ high end composite decking and aluminum railing cost can range from 25k-35k range 

Premium Outdoor Space

Outdoor space designed by All Decked Out

A premium decking with cable rails and  a roof, fireplace, lighting, skirting cost can range from $60-100k 

Ultimate Backyards

Ultimate Backyards by All Decked Out

A complete Backyard Makeover with added features such as pools, roofs, composite decks, outdoor kitchens, patios can range from 100k-250k range