Outdoor living projects these days are much more intricate and customized than ever before. There are so many decking brands, colors, railing options, lighting options, custom designs, etc., all taking much more time in the design process and can also be a bit overwhelming to a homeowner.

What is an estimate?

 An Estimate by definition is a rough guess based on experience.  We are more than happy to give you a rough estimate based on experience before we actually set up a time to meet with you. 

If you send us a few pictures of the area you are looking to develop, we can definitely give you a rough estimate on what the project may cost to build.

What is a paid consultation?

A paid consultation is where you pay an expert to provide you with professional and expert advise in a particular field or specialty.

We are not here just to sell you a deck, we are here to educate you on how you can maximize your investment and stay with you throughout the process. Our unique approach is what separates us from the rest.

To get exact pricing we will need to actually see the site in person.  All Decked Out only sends out either the owner of the company or an experienced outdoor living professional to your home to discuss your project and will answer any and all questions that you may have.

We are not salesman, we are experts in the outdoor living industry. Our goal is to educate clients on how to best maximize their investment.  We will help design, give ideas and discuss different material options that will fit your budget and your families needs.  You will be given literature on material options available as needed and give you the pros and cons of the different products.  After your consultation,  a detailed proposal will be sent to you via email. 

We understand, this is a very large investment to many, so that’s why we want to ensure we take our time at the on site consultation and give our potential clients the attention and customer service they deserve.

We do not use pressure sales tactics and we will not follow up to see if you are moving forward. We are confident that you will contact us when you and your family are ready to move forward. 

We want the homeowner completely comfortable with all the upcoming decisions they will be making for their exciting new project ahead! We feel this will also draw the very serious customers and not ones who are only “shopping prices”.  We simply don’t compete on price.  

We are not the most expensive nor the lowest price but we compete on having the best deck built in your neighborhood.  

We believe it’s not ethical to advertise that estimates are free then factor the costs into the clients that actually move forward like most other companies do.  

We are professionals that charge a small fee that enable us to spend more time with the serious customer’s, who are about to make some huge decisions. 

How much is the consultation fee?

Deck and Patio consultations are now $150.00 and does get applied to any work done by our company.

What is included?

An actual written proposal or your money back!   I know, sounds like common sense,  but I have met with so many clients that have told us that we are the only ones who responded out of several companies that they contacted. Have you ever set up an appointment and had a contractor no show? How about calling off work then meeting with a contractor and  you never hear back again?  Well, that’s what you get for that “free estimate”.  The good news is we don’t operate that way! We respect and value your time as well.

-Our consultation includes (1) site visit to discuss the scope of work, budget, discuss design options if necessary, material options and other needs to create your outdoor oasis.

-A detailed written proposal sent via email with a rough sketch or design concept attached if necessary. Typically you will have  a week or two turnaround to receive this. If it’s a larger project it may take just a bit longer.

-Up to (2) pricing revisions and follow up emails or phone calls as needed.

We provide services  in the following areas: West Chester, Mason, Liberty Township, Beckett Ridge, Hamilton, Fairfield Township, Fairfield, Lebanon, South Lebanon, Maineville, Morrow, Landen, Monroe, Morrow, Madeira, Mariemont, Oakley, Hyde Park, Amberly Village, Reading, Mt. Lookout, Anderson Township, Turpin Hills, Eastgate, Milford, Loveland, Indian Hill, Sharonville, Kenwood, Springdale, Ludlow, Sycamore, Symmes Township, Blue Ash, Forest Park.

Areas outside the listed service area’s listed above may result in a higher consultation fee so please ask when scheduling your appointment.   

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