Why we prefer Aluminum Deck Rail Options

It all comes down to the benefits. Vinyl and composite railings cannot yet meet the level of quality that can be provided by aluminum. Nor can iron, steel, or wood.

Aluminum has some really great qualities that make it stand out as a superior material for deck railings. This is by far our most popular railing option and it is for many reasons. Safety should be the first concern of anyone choosing a deck railing system.

Aluminum does not weaken like other materials. Virtually Maintenance Free.  Aluminum is non-ferrous, you will not need to worry about rust, or excessive corrosion throughout it’s life span. 

Regardless of what others say, looks always mater. To help you show off your personality, aluminum deck railing comes in a variety of designs, colors and patterns that doesn’t only match your aesthetic taste, but also blends seamlessly into your surroundings, giving you the opportunity to improve the overall appearance of your property.

Although aluminum is more expensive than wood, it doesn’t require any of the costly and time-consuming maintenance tasks that a wood railing system needs regularly. Aluminum Railing systems are a one-time investment without additional costs and maintenance, it’s more advantageous than any other railing option. Typical in-stock Color Options: Black, Bronze or White

Clear View Glass Railing

Deck Railing Options

Most clients are hesitant at first because they think they will be hard to keep clean. They are no different than the windows on your home. This clear view railing adds a modern or minimal look to any deck and is a lower cost than the horizontal cable rail system.

Glass railings have become more popular in recent years, particularly among homeowners and commercial property owners who have great wooded views, waterfront properties with scenic views or are just looking for simple, modern and less obstruction.  

If you want a railing system for your home that will serve its purpose yet be practically invisible, you want a glass railing system.

Aluminum Railing Brands we Install:

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