Why use steel deck framing?

We have looked under a lot of older decks and have seen the destruction of treated wood first hand.. Your decking and railing is engineered to last 25 years or more. So, why are you using wood framing? 

Who makes the Steel deck framing?

All Decked Out offers Fortress Evolution Steel Deck Framing and is an excellent alternative to wood deck framing. Fortress Steel Deck Framing is uniform, straight and won’t twist, warp, rot, crack or burn like wood. The interlocking joist and ledger system lets you build safe and sturdy decks with less labor. And it will last- the powder-coated option gives you increased corrosion resistance and a more finished look.

The Fortress Steel Deck is Where the Future Is

Wood construction has been used for years on work in various applications. But once we learned to work with steel, builders abandoned many wood structures in favor of durable steel. Today, the trend is leaning towards deck builders choosing sustainable steel framing over old-fashioned wood framing.

No more crowning wet, heavy treated lumber, measuring joist depths, or planing after installation to flatten the deck framing.” You’re already a believer in the value of alternative decking and railing over traditional wood products-so then why are you using wood framing? Evolution steel deck framing is a smarter system designed by deck builders, for deck builders.

Check out these Top 4 Reasons to Choose Fortress Framing Over Wood

You can find all the components you need for steel deck framing, right through Fortress. Find all the components you need such as the Evolution Ledger Bracket, Evolution Beam Blocking, Evolution F50, Evolution Joist, Evolution Single Beam, and Evolution Ledger. Also, when compared to wood framing, Fortress has all of these benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Straight, uniform pieces
  • Build without limitations
  • Compatible with other decking and railing options
  • Life long warranty
  • A smart investment
  • Beautiful, professional look
  • Fire and insect resistant
Steel Deck Framing

What is the cost of steel deck framing?

The treated framing package that holds up your deck is a small percentage of the overall cost of your deck project.

Recently the prices of treated lumber have risen sharply and make steel deck framing look more appealing.

The average job would cost three times the price of treated, but the benefits far outweigh the cost increase.

Remember, treated lumber is a wood product and can shrink, crack and deteriorate over time. That's why we never recommend using existing treated lumber and re-decking.

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