Under Deck Drainage Systems

An elevated deck can be an added benefit. The space underneath your deck can be  turned into a dry usable space with the fraction of the cost of an actual roof structure.  With a DEK Drain system, the space under a raised deck can be transformed into a lively focal point with finished ceilings, lighting and other amenities. DEK Drain allows for additional living space at an affordable cost.

Dek Drain

Dek Drain has a proprietary under deck ceiling systems ensure dry, customizable space below your deck, while preventing precipitation and moisture from breaching the surface.

ZipUp Underdeck

Under Deck Drainage system

finishes the underside of your deck providing dry, usable outdoor living space without sacrificing headroom or the beauty of your deck. The Zip-UP Underdeck System provides a washable mold resistant surface, while channeling any water from above to your gutter system.

  • Professionally Approved Product.
  • Meets Class A Fire Rating.
  • Saves Headroom in Tight Spaces.
  • Panels are Easy to Remove and Replace for access
  • Clean, Grid-free Look.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Stain, Mold, & Mildew Resistant.
  • Interlocking Design is Water-tight.
  • Paintable with Latex Paint
  • Hurricane Tested

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